About me

Before today

I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t playing sports as a kid. Tennis, dancing, football, always running around. When I was 12 years old I started doing athletics at the local athletics club “a.v.” Attila, in my hometown Tilburg (NL). I trained here all my junior years and thanks to my coaches I learned a lot about myself in becoming an athlete. I medalled at several junior National Championships in the 200 meters, long jump and triple jump. But, most importantly during these years, I found out athletics was my one and only big passion. Thís is what I wanted to do!


After I finished my bachelor at the University of Utrecht, I decided I wanted to fully focus on my athletics career. For this, I was willing to take decisions with a bit of courage. Thanks to a trainingcamp to London, I found out about Speedworks, a training group leaded by Jonas Dodoo. When I visited, I loved the atmosphere, professionality and training set up. I knew straight away that this was where I wanted to train. So, I decided to move abroad. Up until today, I still live and train abroad. Even though it is really hard to be away from family and friends sometimes, I can focus on training very well, and I get the change to discover the world, which I love. At the moment, I live on Jersey (an Island next to France, and part of the UK) where I train with my current coach, Ross Jeffs.


My focus in training is on the longjump and sprinting (100 and 200 meters). I love jumping. It is an event where you need to combine speed, strength and technique. That’s why I have sprint sessions where I work on my speed and running technique which I need for the runup. I have gym sessions where I work on my strength to be able to take off and carry my speed through in the air. Lastly, I have jumping sessions where I work on my take off and landing technique. Speed is important for a longjumper, and this is why the longjump is very easy to combine with the short sprinting events, the 100 and 200 meters.


I train very, very hard to get as strong and fast as I can be. This, to participate in big competitions, and jump far in national and international competitions. The big goal is to participate on the Olympics.
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